Carmo Almeida

Carmo Almeida is from Lisbon, graduated in Mathematics Applied to Computing With an intense professional life in Telecommunications companies, she has always designed and painted, but it was in 2014 that she seriously dedicated herself to painting She started her artistic training in 2014 at the Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes, where she took courses in Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor Since then, she has participated in several collective exhibitions and since 2016 she exhibits in commercial galleries in Lisbon In 2017 she held her first solo exhibitions in Lisbon and Porto In 2019 she founded Park ARTE a community of Artists from Parque das Nações with the aim of promoting Art in hers neighbourwood She is passionate about Lisbon and Photography (landscape and street photography) She is inspired by hers street photographs to create Stories about Lisbon and give them life in acrylic on canvas Her pictorial language can be called contemporary impressionist because it uses loose brush strokes without concerns of realism, but rather portraying objects through the contrast of color and light, leaving the brush stroke marked and visible The brushstrokes are scratched almost as if she is drawing, the palette is smooth, with some colorful notes The paints are acrylic but often used in a very diluted way

• 2020 AUG ARTBOX PROJECT Zurich 2 0 Digital exhibition of C Almeida artwork “Will everything be okay?”
• 2019 DEZ Minha Lisboa dEles Painting Solo exhibition Fábrica Braço de Prata Lisboa 3 ª Soloexhibition
• 2017 SET WhatisART Painting Solo exhibition ACASAdaboavista Porto 2 ª Soloexhibition
• 2017 Fev ArtLab 2 0 Painting Solo exhibition Espaço Cultural Mercês Lisboa 1 st Soloexhibition
• 2016 Mar ––“Lisboa em Perspetiva Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes Students Collective Exhibition Espaço Cultural de Santa Catarina
• 2015 Feb Memórias com cor Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes Students Collective Exhibition Palácio da Independência Lisbon
• 2014 Dec LXPainting Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes Students Collective Exhibition Lisbon Carmo Hotel
• 2014 Mai Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes Students Collective Exhibition Lisbon Carmo Hotel almeida

Eyes nude 40x50 cm

Golden Place 90x90 cm

Jazz Music 40x60 cm

Lisbon by Estrela 50x60 cm

Lisbon by Graça 50x60 cm

Pink girl nude 40x50 cm

The wait40x50 cm

Winter Ferry 60x60 cm

Will everything be okay 100x100 cm
CHF 1400

Roses 120x60 cm

Muses 80x100 80x100 cm
CHF 1600

Male nude 40x50 cm
CHF 700

Lisbon Old Cathedral 50x60 cm
CHF 1200

Lisbon by Alfama 50x60 cm
CHF 1200

Lake dream 100x150 cm
CHF 1800

Humanity 100x100 cm
CHF 1600

Graffiti Ballet 80x100 cm
CHF 1400

Butterfly touch 40x40 cm
CHF 600

2Exposures nude 40x50 cm
CHF 700


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